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Regulador AVR A6762/3


The DSR is a full digital controlled regulator based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that combines
function as Voltage Regulation and Alternator Protections and Diagnostic into a very small single
board. Digital communication interface DI1 allows the connection of the DSR digital regulator to a
programming and monitoring device, as a PC or PLC. IF321 optional interface allows a three phases
sensing on the generator. "DSR Terminal" software, user friendly graphical interface (windowsbased),
designed by Mecc Alte. allows users to work with settings and alarms on the DSR via their personal

- Variable voltage supply: from 40Vac up to 270 Vac.
- Maximum continuous outputcurrent of 4 Adc.
- Working ambient temperature:from -25°C up to +70°C.
- Sensing voltage and software measurement on true RMS value.
- Voltage regulation accuracy: ± 1%.
- Single-phase sensing or three phase sensing with optional board
- Regulation from 15 Hz up to 72 Hz.
- 4 trimmer for standard settings (Volt, Stab, Amp, Hz)
- Under speed protection with adjustable threshold and slope level for variable speed applications
- Protection of excitation over current.
- Accurate management of short circuit.
- Accurate management of asynchronous motors starting.
- Possibility of analogical remote control of the output voltage.
- Hardware jumper for the 60 Hz working.
- Non-volatile memory for settings and alarms storing.
- Default settings for the standard alternators.
- Adjustable parameters on the base of the customer's need.
- Serial communication interface (optional external board)
- Allarms list: - Checksum Eeprom - OVER Voltage - UNDER Voltage - Short Circuit - OVER Eccitation
- UNDER Speed - OVER Speed